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Forming of Extension Spring for Aerospace Industry

Forming of Extension Spring for Aerospace Industry
Forming of Extension Spring for Aerospace INdustry

As specialists in manufacturing high-strength titanium wire forms, Argo Spring was contracted to produce the custom large diameter wire extension spring shown here. Constructed from 0.259" diameter Beta C treated cold-drawn titanium to meet the needs of a heavy duty industrial application, we utilized various precision machining processes to form the tapered spring coils and the hooked ends, which we trimmed to leave the desired gap. Secondary operations included shot peening to induce compressive stresses and improve fatigue life, as well as liquid penetrant inspection to verify the surface was free of any defects before the primer was applied.

This tapered extension spring was wound with 18 coils and features max O.D. of 2.10", mean O.D of 1.841", and free length of 7.82". We manufactured 75 units of this large diameter wire form according to the customer's tight delivery schedule. If you would like more information about this project or would like to learn more about our spring manufacturing capabilities, contact us today.

Highlights of Extension Spring

Product Description
Large Wire Diameter Titanium
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Tapering (gradually reduced ends followed by hooks)

Shot Peening
Heat Treat
Overall Part Dimensions
0.259 REF
Number of Coils: 18, Mean 1.841, O.D. Max 2.10
Free LG: 7.82 CL of HOOKS
Type Ends: Reduced-EXT HOOKS
Gap: Trim on CL

Load 1, 125 lbs +/- 12.5 lbs @ 12.041 Load 2, 273.92 lbs +/- 27.3 lbs @ 17.056

Material Used
BMS 7-320 BETA C Solution treated-Cold Drawn
In process testing/inspection performed
Dimensional Inspection, Visual Inspection
Functionality Testing
Standards Met
Customer Specifications
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