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Mechanical Assembly and Packaging


Our objective at Argo Spring Manufacturing is to provide a single source for the entire production process at a competitive price. Besides our product design and manufacturing capabilities, we offer post-production requests, such as mechanical assembly, packaging, and delivery services.

Our automated assembly department ensures a quality finished product for small to large production runs. With a flexible labor force, manual operations are handled efficiently with a short turnaround time. We commonly perform a combination of riveting, hardware insertion, brazing, tapping, threading, and MIG/TIG welding during the final assembly stages.

In addition, each manufactured part can be sorted, kitted, and labeled with bar codes, general product information, and/or any other customer specific inventory control tag. Whether resealable bags for small springs or cardboard boxes for large ornamental tubings, Argo will bag and deliver parts based on the customer's requirements.

Examples of Our Work

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