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Custom Compression Stainless Steel Spring

Custom Compression Stainless Steel Spring
Custom Compression Stainless Steel Spring

As well-regarded experts in the field, Argo Spring was chosen to manufacture the compression spring shown here for a high strength application. Constructed of 0.187" diameter 302 stainless steel wire to support the highest tensile strength possible, this spring features 3-3/8 total coils, a free length of 1.34", and a 1.685" outer diameter.

We utilize our automated, computer-controlled equipment to form the coils with the precise bend radius and then grind the ends flat. Heat treating is a necessary process to provide stress relief, and these springs undergo a cleaning cycle to remove contaminates that may have adhered during the forming and grinding processes. Rigorous dimensional, visual, and functional testing conducted at critical points throughout the manufacturing process guarantee product integrity.

Current production volume of these springs is 20,000 pieces per month, which are shipped to the customer according to their just-in-time delivery requirements. For more information about this project or our expert custom spring manufacturing capabilities, contact us today.

Highlights of Custom Compression Stainless Steel Spring

Product Description
Compression Spring
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Spring Winding

Heat Treating
Overall Part Dimensions
No. Coils - TC 3 3/8
O.D. in 1.685
I.D. over 1.150
Free LG 1.34
Est. Weight 119.6
Material Used
302 Stainless Steel, Highest Tensile Available Spring
In process testing/inspection performed
Dimensional Inspection, Visual Inspection
Functionality Testing
(20, 000 pcs to ship every month starting on December)
Delivery/Turnaround Time
As Released - J.I.T
Standards Met
Customer Specifications
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